Do You Dream of Having a Bigger Career Impact, But Hesitate?

How Often Have You Thought?

  1. I DREAD going to work
  2. I KNOW I CAN do better
  3. I feel UNAPPRECIATED at work
  4. I am LOSING my soul in an unfulfilling job
  5. I get IGNORED by peers
  6. I am FRUSTRATED by the lack of recognition
  7. I may be next to get CUT due to layoffs, consolidation, reorganizations/cost-savings
  8. I wake up EXHAUSTED and the day has not even begun
  9. I AVOID socializing because I no longer have the strength or interest

But You Struggle With How to Avoid Starting Over

If you are not going to do this job then what are you qualified to do?  You surely do not want to begin again.  How do you transfer your current skills to something that won't be so soul-crushing and allows you to rekindle that feeling you had when you were first hired? You have interests, skills and passions - but you could use some help to figure it out and guide you to the next step.

There is Help to Answer - "Okay, Now What?"

You’ve worked long and hard through the years to get where you are today, but you’ve got more you want to accomplish.  You have gifts, expertise, commitment and a wealth of experience to share. Perhaps it is time to consider how to make the transition to Instructional Design and/or your own internal/external consulting practice!

You'll learn, apply and benefit from the lessons consolidated from the expertise and thought-provoking insights of noted career consultant David Zahn. 

If you’ve been in search for the answer to the question, “Okay, Now What?” you’ve come to the right place to find out where the future can take you.

Want to explore how you can achieve your dream and confidently step away from those Monday Blues when you start to wish your car had a flat tire so you wouldn't have to go into work?  Click here to download your complimentary  "Four Steps to Defining Your Entrepreneurial Dream." Whether you wish to work for someone else or start your own business, you will want to review this!

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Four Steps to Defining Your Entrepreneurial Dream

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Don't you wish you could say what Barbara Glassman Dell said...

"For years I've pondered with the idea of working for myself.  With my career now in transition, it was beneficial to work with David.  I had all these ideas swirling around in my head, but was unsure how to get started. David helped me organize my thoughts, assess my strengths, and develop an action plan.

David was extremely easy to talk to, and his insights provided me with the inspiration I needed to move forward.  I highly encourage anyone thinking of making a career change or starting a business to consult with David.  He is an official partner in my journey now and a valuable resource!"

Or perhaps you want to copy the experience of Greg Timms:

I've known and worked with David for a number of years and three things stand out about him to me. First, he has a cordial and encouraging demeanor. It didn’t take too long for David and I to become friends, even though we lived half a continent away. Secondly, David has been there and done that in most everything about me I could throw at him. As a business mentor, he’s actually an ally, and having him in my corner made a huge difference in my ability to get to where I wanted to go. Finally, David works with the whole you. He inherently understands that I’m not just a professional, I’m someone who also has a personal life, a family, and even occasional physical or mental health concerns. To mix a couple of well-known marketing metaphors, ‘like a good neighbor, I’m in good hands” with David Zahn.

Jeff Clow - entrepreneur and successful businessman had this observation:

David is the most outstanding training professional I've ever had the pleasure to work with in a 30 year career. His innovative approach to training is rivaled only by his stellar attention to detail and his enthusiasm for every project - large or small. He is truly a world class talent.

Business executive Victor Alessandro shared the following:

Mr. Zahn evidently knows what he is talking about. I've used his techniques while in business and have found them very effective.

High praise from Barry Wohl, CEO of TriBeca Development:

As a business owner, I’m busy all the time (feels like it anyway). I would implore any new business owners or business owners looking to improve, to lend an ear to your advice, teachings, etc. always been very successful in your business endeavors.

School Administrator Judy Sexton M.S., CED LSLS Cert AVEd 
Chief Program Officer gushed:
It’s both my pleasure and honor to acknowledge David Zahn  for crafting a well organized interactive presentation with application points for our five campus program administration  on  the topic “SWOT” .  His tie between service excellence and the strategic planning process was loaded with application and insight.  David was not only very positive by leading up to the day of the presentation by working with us to shape the  session for a small group of administrators, he provided actual tools to support good theories that have been well researched in leadership and management theories. His presentation was right on and generated a lot of great discussion providing valuable insight into motivating our team to think differently about how we lead and communicate our message in the work we do to support our mission!  Thank you David!